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Lesley Etherson is a teacher of all things media in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. She is passionate about Photography and Illustration, but also loves to delve into the world of animation, graphic design, video and web design. She currently teaches Web and Digital Communications at the Academy for the Arts, Science, and Technology in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In her spare time, which is not much, she runs a photography business named Tsunami Photography with her husband, Dr. Louis Keiner.

Art photography is Lesley's passion, but she also shoots theatre photography, weddings, portraits, landscapes, and sports.


Lesley currently teaches Image Editing, Digital Multimedia, Foundations and Advanced Web Design, and Advanced Animation to 11th and 12th-grade students at a program school in Myrtle Beach. Her students are exposed to all of the digital arts their junior year and then focus on a media to gain mastery in their senior year. Students have the option to become Adobe Certified in their area of Mastery. Her students also complete a 40-hour internship with local Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Photographers, and Animators. She is passionate about teaching media skills to future generations and is not afraid to learn new skills from them. 

Lesley loves to have her students be involved in their local community and finds projects for them to work on like illustrating a book to raise money for a high school scholarship or videoing a conference on human trafficking for a women's auxiliary club. Lesley's passion always is clearly shown in the classroom and extends into the local and national community.


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