Casual Portraits

I went for a walk on the beach with my friend. We took my dog Charley and went to Cherry Grove Pier. I knew that I would have a cool backdrop. There were not many people on the beach so it was easy to practice social distancing. I took photos of her and Charley, my dog using different angles to create a variety of shots. I edited the photos in the Adobe Lightroom App on my phone. I have some presets that I have created so it was easy to get the same effect and color tone in all of the photos. I also lightened the exposure and the shadows. At this time, we are not encourage to be outside in public places. We are supposed to be quarantined in our homes, but I have spent the past four days behind a computer working on lessons for my students I needed to get out, and so did my dog. The rest of my photos will show the effects of quarantine.  This was a respite from it all.

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